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Redmine_Importer: Redmine CSV Import Plugin

redmine_importer 0.3.1

Though, I’m a newbie in Ruby and RoR development. But after 4-5 hours googling, I decided write a Redmine import plugin for those tons of issues in Excel. So, I downloaded Redmine source code, Aptana Studio, then learn how to program with Ruby and RoR…

Finally, I built a plugin named redmine_importer, and it works. Thanks to the 1st user, my colleague, Vince Zhang

redmine_importer 0.3.1 features:

  • Import CSV file, user define split and wrap character
  • User define CSV column and issue field mapping
  • Update exsit issues by user defined unique field
  • Ignore none-exsitent issue, avoid re-update closed issue
  • As a project’s module, can configured by project manager
  • L10n, with English and Chinese locale

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